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Beautiful Design

Your website is often the first point of contact for prospective or even existing clients and as we all know…FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST! Therefore having a beautifully designed and properly maintained website is essential to your company’s image and reputation.


Responsive Layout

Today, the internet is viewed more on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This means your website needs to work on many different screen sizes seamlessly. We specialise in responsive design so your site changes its layout to work best on the device it is being viewed on.

Give it a go! Try this site on a different device or change the size of your browser to see what we mean.

There are so many different website platforms today. A website can be as simple as a digital business card or something so complex and dynamic, it is basically an employee earning you money.

We will discuss your needs with you and develop your website using the most appropriate platform for your requirements.

How To Stand Out

SEO, SEM, KPI’s, cost per click, impressions, blah blah blah…are all terms you’ve probably heard before but maybe you’re not sure why they are important?

Basically, they are part of what is now called “Digital Marketing” and their sole purpose is to get users on your website.

It’s hard getting people on your website and buying your product or service. You need a strategy, great social media, efficient Google Adwords and so on. It’s an extremely complex subject and is achieved by many techniques that we have mastered over the years.

One great thing is your budget can be as little or as large as you like, making Digital Marketing affordable to everyone.

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We offer websites to suit any budget, whether you have a large corporation or are an entrepreneur working in the spare room.

We can either meet, chat on the phone or exchange emails to gather the information we need. After that we will supply you with a free, no obligation written quotation. If you have no idea what you need we can undergo a website planning process which we call an Information Architecture.


1 website
1 database
500mb space
1 website
1 database
1000mb space
2 email addresses
minor updates
basic support
upto 2 websites
2 databases
3000mb space
30 email addresses
minor updates
standard support

If your website requires special maintenance, contact us for a quotation.
We maintain and constantly update many clients websites. A custom maintanance contract can include updating of website platform and components, adding new products, updating news articles, adding and removing specials etc.