The Importance of Good Branding

Good branding ensures that every point of contact conveys the correct and uniform message to your clients. This message helps the customer decide if this is the correct product or service for them.

The way we achieve this is by researching your industry, business, competitors and markets. We then develop a brand strategy to appeal to those markets and potential new ones. The data gathered from the research is not only useful for branding and advertising but can help direct the evolution of your product and even your business.

Keep it Uniform

We call it your “visual identity” or VI for short and its how people “identify” your brand. A great VI allows your audience to instantly recognize you whether they receive an email, see your van drive passed or see your advert in a magazine.

What is included in a Visual Identity?
Typically we refer to a Visual Identity as a set of branded stationary like business cards, corporate folders, letterheads and email signatures. A visual identity often extends to include brochures, flyers, signage, store design and even your products.

Feeling Dated?

Looking at taking what you have and bringing it up-to-date? Then a brand refresh is probably all you need. 

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